Artificial Intelligence Courses in India

Right now, Artificial Intelligence is the most trending technology. There are many job opportunities in this field and in India itself approximately 4000 job positions are available. But yet it has not been incorporated into the education system as a curriculum and is at its starting stage. To help the students and working professionals to advance their knowledge in this domain, here is a list of artificial intelligence courses india. Having a course in artificial intelligence is giving a major boost and gets you job-ready before you enter the corporate. The ideas you may learn could also turn you into entrepreneurs.

1. PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI – Upgrad and IIIT-B

This is an online program for 11 months. The fee will cost you Rs. 2,75,000. This program is very much relevant to the industry and yet manages to educate you rigorously on both machine learning and AI concepts. The program is offered in collaboration with IIITB and Uber. It is a suitable course for professionals who have Mathematics, software engineering, statistics or Analytics as their educational background. It further helps them in gaining practical knowledge of data science and the roles of machine learning.

2. Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – IIIT Hyderabad

This is a program offered on weekends for over 15 weeks. It will cost you approximately Rs. 2,75,000. The lab activities will strengthen the existing groups and also provide options for other group’s development. It also attracts many projects and funding from the government and industries. It also offers the coordination of research activities among the different centers of IIIT Hyderabad and other educational institutions. Check out other artificial intelligence courses india. 

3. Master of Technology in AI – University of Hyderabad

This is a 4-semester course that includes course work for 2 semesters and project work for the remaining semesters. The program is suitable for students who know computer science and information sciences. The students will be able to advance their training in core areas of AI, machine learning and data mining.

4. M.Tech. Computer science specialization in Artificial Intelligence- UPES

This is a specialized program that offers a master’s degree in computer science and Engineering in AI, Image Processing, Data Analytics, and other specialized programs.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Training – Techtrunk

This program offers Online live classes ranging for 45 hours. This will cost you Rs.18500. TechTrunk offers core training in AI, Programming and development experience if you love coding and would like to explore the world of programming. The sessions offered will help you become an expert in AI application algorithms and also learn machine learning, Fuzzy Logic, NLP, SVM, etc.

The above programs are just a few for you to get an idea for artificial intelligence courses india. Since AI is trending, getting a course in AI will be a great start for your career. 


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